“Pirouette” With Friday Flash Fics, by Jeff Baker (June 3, 2021)

Computer’s going into the shop, so I’m posting this a day early. And I’m still celebrating my 5th anniversary posting these weekly stories: the prompt pic was off the old Monday Flash Fiction site just before I started playing along. But this story is new!


                                                By Jeff Baker

            “When did you get the call?”

            “About a half-hour ago. Some lady in the building across the street.”

            “What did she say?”

            “Something about a naked man in a ballet tutu dancing on the edge of the building.”

            “And there he is. Dances real pretty, too. He could fall off. Got the net set up under him.”

            “Might not do any good. Take a good look.”

            “Hey, waitaminute! The way the sunlight glistens off of him! That’s the bronze statue from the park downtown!”

            “Looks like the call we got earlier was right.”

            “What call?”

            “Somebody saying a drunken nut claiming to be a sorcerer was running loose in the park with a magic wand.”


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