Progress Report, from Jeff Baker. December 21, 2020.

Not a lot of actual progress to report for the last week or so. I wrote down the opening to a story whose idea I dreamed up almost forty years ago when I got my first car (Has it been that long ago?) I could show you the parking lot where I was when the silly notion first hit me.

Friday Flash Fics is officially shut down for the year, but I wanted to do a Christmas story (I do one every year!) to post, even though the one posted last week (Dec. 18th) should have been enough. I wrote a Christmas story a month ago, but I’m going to revise that one and try to sell it! So, I’ll have the story I finished about twenty minutes ago up in a day or so!

Jupiter and Saturn will appear to make their closest pass in centuries today, even though they are about half a billion miles apart! Talk about social distancing!

That’s about it for now!

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