‘Nathan Burgoine’s “Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks,” review by Jeff Baker.

            ‘Nathan Burgoine’s first Y. A. novel “Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks” is another damn good read from this author who is just getting better. It throws a bit of an X-Men curve into a kid’s last days in High School with excellent results.

            Cole Tozer is just a few weeks shy of graduating from High School and getting away from the pressures and bullies an openly gay kid faces. Fortunately, he’s had the support of his friends (a mixed bag of out LGBT kids) and some teachers, but then Cole steps through a door and suddenly finds himself miles away; he can teleport. This sudden and unwanted power which he can barely control gives Cole, a meticulous planner, a whole new set of bullet points to work on. (What do you do when you accidentally pop yourself into your school locker and can’t pop out because you need to open the door to do that but can’t from the inside of the locker?)

            Add to Cole’s list; finals, mysterious people who are shadowing him and, oh yes, Malik. The cutest guy in school who may just like Cole too! What follows is a blend of fantasy, humor and adventure, all told in Burgoine’s usual fine style. Cole (who narrates the story) comes off as likable and very real.

            “Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks” (2018, Bold Strokes Books https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/exit-plans-for-teenage-freaks ) is an excellent read and is highly recommended. And if there is no immediate sequel, anything with Burgoine’s name on it should immediately be snapped up and read.


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