Progress Report, October 7, 2020 from Jeff Baker

Surprised myself and finished “Messing About in Boats,” the new Friday Flash story, and a Demeter’s bar story at that! Looks better than i thought it would! Also worked on the Monthly Flash Fiction Draw story which will be finished in a few days. Tomorrow, i have to do something on the long WIP i want done by Halloween to send off—a pulpy fantasy/adventure which has it’s origins in a Flash story from about three years ago.

Also tomorrow, I have to walk my flat-tire bicycle down a few miles to have the tire replaced and ride it back. I’ve missed riding the darn thing!

My reading for this evening was from a collection of three dime-novel sci-fi stories “Edisonades” they came to be called; “The Steam man of the Prairies,” edited with an informative introduction by John Spencer. Sci-fi has matured in the century or so since these Y.A. stories were serialized, but still kind of fun. The one I bummed through “Jack Wright and His Electric Stage” was by a Cuban-American sci-fi writer (maybe one of the first!) Luis Senarens, who wrote under the shared pen-name “Noname,” and was nicknamed “The American Jules Verne.”

I love 19th-Century Sci-Fi and named the character in the Flash Draw story after Senarens!

That’s it for now!

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