Progress Report, Sept. 29-Oct. 3, 2020. And Night Thoughts, from Jeff Baker.

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Been busy, or at least involved. Wrote one line on the Friday Flash story Wednesday, wrote more Thursday and finished it late Friday, early Saturday. Will post it and post the new picture after I hit the sack.

History is happening as I write this; the kind of history that people tell their kids about seeing. That is putting everything else to the side; we have been glued to CNN. (Fox is useless on this story; the facts contradict most of their news coverage since February.)

I’ve started reading through Robert E. Howard’s Texas-set horror stories. They’re really pretty damn good—he is a master storyteller. Been trying to read one a night, before bedtime. Not tonight! Mars rose right near the Moon a few hours ago, following Saturn and Jupiter across the sky. Venus will rise in a bit, with Arcturus as a companion. I will not be up for that.

“Tomorrow,” meaning when-I-get-up, I will post this stuff, and push myself to get in a regular routine. I’m going to try to have the larger WIP sent off by the end of the month. There’s a flash-Christmas story that’s due in November that i ought to do as well. And then, there are the Rbt. E. Howard stories to read, hopefully nightly.

(Oh, I should mention: the Howard stories are from the 2008 Del Ray “The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard.)

That’s about it for now!

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