Editing is Progress Too! (So is deleting, for that matter!) Progress Report for May25, 2020, from Jeff Baker.

Did a little historical research on the mystery I’m writing and found a couple of goofs I needed to correct (which I did!) and also found some things I could use to clarify the descriptions, and fixed that. Also read through what I have and deleted several things that are just repetitious. Looks better! As I said, deleting is progress too!

As for the reading, been making slow progress (I keep getting distracted and starting too late in the evening!) reading one of L. Frank Baum’s few adult short-stories: “The Suicide of Kiaros.” A bona-fide locked-room mystery, based apparently on Baum’s days working in an office and coming to work and finding the manager murdered in his office. I’ve gotten on a jag of reading Baum’s stories lately; they are seriously underrated!

That’s all for now!

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