Mystery and Progress Reports, May 4/5, 2020, by Jeff Baker

I realized that I haven’t been writing many mysteries in the last couple of years, so I wrote out a short list of some unfinished ones and plan to finish one or two by the beginning of Fall.  Did some writing on one of them and on the weekly flash fiction story for Friday. And I worked on the story for the Monthly Flash Fiction Draw Challenge. Very fortunately I have an unfinished story (part of a series) which fits all three of the draws (Location, genre and object.) Making it into a flash fiction (I only had about 300 words written in 2018!) is just a matter of finishing the tale and watching word economy.

As for it being part of a series, when I have a couple more, or one longer full-length story I may put them out as a ‘zine or chapbook. Nothing to lose!

That’s all for now!

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