More dirt on progress, April 26/27, 2020 by Jeff Baker

It’s about 5:30 in the morning, April 27, 2020. Yesterday (26th) I worked of the Friday Flash Fiction story for this week (“Midnight Basketball”) and surprised myself by writing the closing line on “A Fistful of Garlic.” I also did notes for another story entirely that I’d only been thinking about doing. (I have enough stories in the pipe right now–violating my rule about not starting to write something until I’ve finished the current project.)

April 27, 2020, early in the morning (weird hours I keep now!) I finished “Midnight Basketball;” inspired by a usually in-use basketball court I see every day during my bike ride through the park. Also surprised myself again by writing about a page on a tall tale story I’ve been diddling on for about a year (or two!)

That’s it for now!

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