Surf’s Up! “Impact Zone” by Jeff Baker for Friday Flash Fics (February 28, 2020.)


Impact Zone

By Jeff Baker


“Wow! Look at that sky!” Kendrick said, hoisting his surfboard a little higher as he walked along the beach.

“Yeah,” Brent said, balancing his board under his arm. “Think this is the place?”

“Just a sec,” Kendrick said pulling his saver out of his wetsuit. He swiped his finger across the screen and clicked it. “Yup,” he said, sighting along the indicator on the screen. “We’re right here.” He stuck the saver back in the wetsuit. “Don’t know why I don’t just toss the thing, not much use anymore.”

“Don’t be that pessimistic,” Brent said. “I intend to ride this out. Better than sitting in a basement, sobbing and getting drunk. I’d rather go surfing.”

“Me too. Hey, which way you gonna face?” Kendrick asked.

“West. I figure I can turn around and go with the flow.”

The two of them stood on the beach and stared for a few minutes. In the distance, they could hear a roar.

“Here it comes.”

“Let’s go!”

The two of them ran into the oncoming surf. A decade of surfing the waves and breakers all over the world had prepared them for this. Their boards and the feet of their wetsuits were specially prepared, so they could stay standing as the wave sped on.

Kendrick and Brent had never had a rush like this. Glancing down they thought they saw the tops of the buildings of the city or a mountain. They intended to ride for as long as they can as the giant tsunami covered half the world.

Kendrick pulled out his saver and glanced at it: No Service was all he saw on the screen. Pity, he’d wanted to know how fast they were going.

He tossed the device into the water as the wave roared on.





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