“If Two Trains Leave The Station…” Friday Flash Fics (Way Late!) For August 23, 2019 by Jeff Baker


        If Two Trains Leave The Station At Ten-Fifteen, When Do We Eat?

By Jeff Baker


“Okay, over here…” the graduate assistant said.

“Hey! I can see the stadium from here!”

“Yeah, and there’s the…”


“If I could have your attention,” the graduate assistant said. “Good. Now, this is the Science and Technology Center. It was built in nineteen…”


“Yes, Nineteen. Nineteen Eighty-Five,” the graduate assistant said, getting more and more frustrated. “There are sixty-eight classrooms, most with laboratory facilities and the state’s only up-to-date…”

“Hey, is this corridor like the one at MTV where you can see the sunrise through the hall?”


“As I was saying, the state’s only up-to-date…”

“Hey! I heard Devaughn James played here!”


The graduate assistant sighed; they weren’t paying him enough.




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