“Invasion of the Saucer Men” by Jeff Baker, for Friday Flash Fics, July 5, 2019


                                               Invasion of the Saucer-Men

By Jeff Baker


“They’re coming,” Greg said. “And we’re the only ones who know it.”

“What do you mean?” Doug asked.

“See that over there? The cloud, looks like a big saucer?”

“Yeah?” Doug said.

“It is a saucer, perfectly camouflaged,” Greg said. “Even the lightning isn’t really lightning. No lightning rod will deflect what they’ve got. And the Army, the Air Force won’t be able to do anything. That thing doesn’t just look like a cloud, it acts like one. Not solid. Planes, bullets, bombs will fly right through it. And we’re right here in the CN Tower. Sitting. Ducks.”

Greg stared out the window. The cloud was getting closer; they could see the flashes of lightning.

“Moooooooooom!!!!!!” Doug yelled. “Greggy’s trying to scare me again!”

And doing a darn good job of it too, Greg thought.

“Honestly!” Mother said from the next table. “We get all dressed up, you too, we treat you like adults, let you sit at your own table at the restaurant and now this. Greg, you quit trying to scare your brother. And Doug, quit yelling. You two are nearly ten and twelve years old for Heaven’s sake! Honestly, if I ever thought…”

Greg sipped his glass of soda and tried not to smile.



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