More On the Same Theme; Day #20 of Short-Story Month.


By Jeff Baker

What short-stories do I want more of? I’ve actually spoken (online) with Steve Berman, asking for more of his series set in the mysterious “Fallen Area,” a part of a city taken over by magic and shunted into another dimension. Berman has written four of these stories, all in his collection “Trysts,” and they have the flavor of the black-and-white “Twilight Zone” episodes. When I first read “The Anthvoke” I imagined it taking place on one of those studio sets TZ used to use, done up like a hotel room with the radiator on one wall. (Berman indicated he has a few more of these stories started. I hope he finishes them; a collection would be wonderful.

One series which will never be resumed; the excellent Edward D. Hoch’s fine stories about Doctor Sam Hawthorne, who reminisces about solving “impossible mysteries” in New England in the 20s through the 40s. The series had moved into the war years at the time of Hoch’s sudden death a decade ago, and I was always hoping to see what happened in Northmont when WWII ended.

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2 Responses to More On the Same Theme; Day #20 of Short-Story Month.

  1. steveberman says:

    You’ve never read the fifth story, “Tearjerker”?

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