Flash Fiction for Friday May 17, 2019

An Old Love Story

By Jeff Baker


“Okay, so which one’s your nephew?”

“That one. Over there. Stage left.”

“The tall one? By the fake tree at the edge of the stage?”

“Yeah. Hey, remember when we were on stage here? Back in high school?”

“Uh-huh. Hey, wait! That’s the same tree! Plywood, plastic leaves…”

“I know. It must’ve been fifteen years old when we went here ten years ago.”

“No, I mean, that’s the tree, remember? We made out behind it when we were working on the show senior year? We carved our initials in it!”

“Huh? Oh, my gosh!”

“And our initials are V. D. and S.T.D.”

“I wonder if anybody’s noticed.”

“Not from out here, but I’ll bet they’re still there, but now the ‘D’ stands for the same thing!”





AUTHOR’S NOTE: Since there was no picture prompt this week and I wanted to begin my fourth year of doing at least one flash fiction story a week, I remembered wanting to write stories prompted from the descriptive titles of some of Edward MacDowell’s piano pieces. So, I grabbed this one from a set called “Fireside Tales” from the turn of the last century and gave it a modern twist.—-jsb, 5/15/19.

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