Where I Find Short Fiction. Short-Story Month, Day# 12


How do I find short-stories to read? For openers, I subscribe to a buttload of magazines, like Analog, Asimov’s, Ellery Queens, Alfred Hitchcock’s and The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. I also scope out anthologies in The Science Fiction Book Club and the bookstores. (Used bookstores too!) And I keep my eye on market listings and publishers like Lethe Press. I also follow the internet posts of a lot of authors I like (‘Nathan Burgoine and Greg Herren, for example.) Sometimes an offhand reference will set me off to finding another short-story to read ( I grabbed Jerry L. Wheeler’s fine “Strawberries and Other Erotic Fruits” after seeing a Facebook post.) or I’ll get on a jag about an author I’ve heard about perhaps in a chance read of a story in an anthology. (which is how I found William F. Wu’s “A Temple of Forgotten Spirits,” or Rand Lee’s “The Green Man.”)

I’ll recommend a couple of Facebook sites for Flash Fiction that I’m on; the other participants provide some fine reading and I certainly try! “Friday Flash Fics” and “Monday Flash Fics.”

Happy reading!

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