More Progress (Okay, some progress!)


Work on the two main projects is plodding along—at least I am doing a little each day. The Jamesian ghost story is up to nearly 2000 words, they want 2000 to 5000, and I have to have enough for it to still be long enough when I cut out the lousy bits. It’s due in about eleven days and I should have it done this weekend. I wrote some of the prosaic, ordinary scene the other day and am well into the creepy bit right now.

The other story, which I’m writing for fun, no market call, doing some every night, no research or planning; I broke down and did research. Bought a book on Ancient Rome (I didn’t have one, amazingly!) and cleared up a couple of points. My work the other day was in correcting a historical goof of mine and adding some more story based on the research in the book. Tonight (or rather, this morning, it’s about 3:00a.m.) I added a line or two but it still looks good.

And yes, I’m having fun with both!

In addition, I wrote up the Friday Flash Fics story for this Friday (July 20th.) I wasn’t thinking consciously of my 58th Birthday when I wrote it, but the story does tie in to the early 1960s.

——jeff baker, july 19, 2018.

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