Sometimes We Do It For Fun—-July 11, 2018

Sometimes writers do it for money. They go where the market is. professionals and working writers and we wannabes. But sometimes we do it for fun.

Case in point: I’ve been wrapping up my evening’s writing by writing a line or two of a historical mystery I am basically improvising as I go along. It may be a short-story it may turn into a novel (as I’m doing one or two lines a night it’ll be a long gestation for a novel!) It may become a novella(!!!) The rules are; it has to be fun and I’m not going to do a lot of research before I have something near a finished product. Plus, I don’t know the ending. Yes, it’s a mystery!

The impetus for this project was a recently-uncovered historical fact that contradicted something that had been established. I took that as my starting point and my first-person narrator just took over. This and my more “official” projects will keep me busy for a while! But those projects are fun, too!

—————j baker, july 11, 2018

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