“The River City Chronicles,” J. Scott Coatsworth’s new book!


“A group of strangers meets at Ragazzi, an Italian restaurant, for a cooking lesson that will change them all. They quickly become intertwined in each other’s lives, and a bit of magic touches each of them…Everyone in the River City has a secret, and sooner or later secrets always come out.”

River City Chronicles started as a serialized story on Coatsworth’s blog, set in Sacramento, California. The local paper favorably compared it to “Tales of the City,” likewise a story that began as a serial. River City Chronicles, however, includes a dash of magic. Done with Coatsworth’s usual style and sense of place, whether that place be the alien worlds of his Skythane series or in contemporary California, River City is a damn good read.

“River City Chronicles,” by J. Scott Coatsworth, is available for pre-order now. It’s worth it.






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