A Song for a Shutdown

With the current government shutdown, I’ve been thinking about the one about 1991 during the first Bush administration. Congress looked silly and petty and the president came off smelling like a rose. And I did this song at a comedy club in town which went over well!


                               By Jeff Baker, circa about 1990

                        (To the tune of T.V. theme from “Rawhide.”)


            Keep Movin’, movin’, movin’

            Voters disapprovin’

            Incumbents they’re removin’

            Let’s hide!

            We’ve been enterprisin’

            And we’ve been compromisin’

            But Bush has the veto on his side

            Federal employees-a-waitin’

            For paycheck satiation

            They’ll vote us out by-and-by.


            Keep rollin’, rollin’, rollin’

            Budget bucks are swollen

            Looks like it’s been stolen

            Let’s hide!

            Not quite like we planned it

            In D.C. Boy Scouts are stranded

            Wishin’ that they could find tour guides!

            All the things we’re missin’

            That last week we were dissin’

            We’ll be voted out by-and-by.


            Vote ‘em in, vote ‘em out, vote ‘em in, save our butts

            Hopin’ it saves our hides!

            Veto in, veto out, veto in, veto out

            Hope that we can save our hides!



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