Canis Major; Monday Flash Fiction from Jeff Baker


Author’s Note: Again, this one is probably more a poem than a story. At least I think it’s poetic!

                                             Canis Major

                                              By Jeff Baker


            They’d spent the usual week apart. That is, for about eight or nine hours he wasn’t in their apartment. It was something the dog and the man were used to. Then, the daily homecoming, the tail wagging, the affectionate talk, the long sleep in the dark.

            And then, the weekend. Usually at this time of year with the windows open and the long nap on the living room sofa, snuggled together.

            And the dreams, the dreams where they were sitting by a huge window watching everything pass by. Or running in an endless, green park, man and dog deliriously happy. Or they are in the night sky, sometimes running past Orion and Canis Major, sometimes they are Orion and Canis Major.

            And, upon awakening, it never occurs to the dog or the man that yes, they did share the same dream.

            Such are the ways of love.





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