Progress Report (as of September 14, 2017.)

Spending some of my week’s vacation typing and writing. The typing mainly being the longer story “The Wrong Side of the Tracks,” which is partly-finished in handwritten chunks in my notebook. As I type I’ve filled in a few sections that need to be filled in. I have about 1800 words typed-up now. I figure I may have about 500 words still written, and can finish the story by next week, well ahead of its end of the month deadline. I’m also making headway on “Glimpses of the Moon,” the flash fiction story that’s also due Sept. 30th. Needs 500 words and I’m more than halfway there. (I didn’t think it was going to go this easy but it has!) Also, the weekly story for Monday Flash Fics. is in progress and should be done this weekend. Phew!

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