Toil and Trouble—Monday Flash Fics for August 14, 2017


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Didn’t have a lot of time so I tried another drabble this week. Actually influenced by a dream from years ago that may be turned into a longer story. Until then, enjoy! ——- Jeff

Toil and Trouble

By Jeff Baker



“Four customers flew out the window?” Mr. Hedley asked.

“Uh, yeah,” Skip said. “Towards the mountain.”

“What happened?”

“Well, they were toasting something, some team and then they just rose up. I mean, they rose up and flew away!” Skip said.

“What did they order?” Hedley asked.

“The House Special. Four mugs.” Skip said.

“You make it the usual way? Green beer and tequila?”

“Nah,” Skip said. “I used the stuff in the keg downstairs.”

“Downstairs?” Hedley asked.

“Yeah,” Skip said. That big barrel labeled Witches’ Brew. You know, the House Special.”

Mr. Hedley rolled his eyes.




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