“Night Class.” Monday Flash Fics for July 17, 2017.


                                                 Night Class

                                                 By Jeff Baker



            Feb. 1.

            Dear Mom and Dad:

            Hi! Greetings from your college boy! The football season is now over and Coach wants us to knuckle down this semester. He gave us a list of extra classes we could take and I picked one. Coach says we have to show up but it’s no sweat. We will pass as long as we show up. I’ve never been in a class in McAdoo Hall before, I don’t think I’ve ever been inside. We used to jog around it in the morning. It’s on the north corner of the campus. Big stone building next to the graveyard. Kind of spooky! (Ha-Ha!)

            This class is in the evening, and I showed up a couple of minutes late, just as they were sitting down and the teacher, Professor Lucien was rolling up this flag so I guess they were saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Nice to see that people still do that! They keep the room kind of dark (saving money for Football! Yay!) And the flag looked kind of red and black.

            I apologized for being late, and Professor Lucien said I could sign my name in blood later (Funny guy!). He also said that most of the work was going to be in-class anyway. He pointed me out to the class and said “Now we have someone on the football team.” The class applauded and I felt proud.

            Well, I’m up late! Better get to sleep, got more classes tomorrow!

            Your Son,


            February 19.

            Dear Mom and Dad:

            Well, I missed my night class last week. I fell asleep after dinner. The thing was, the class was going to meet after midnight for, I guess, a field trip. Professor Lucien had said we were going to “Summon ball.” I’d never heard it called that before, but I was all for playing ball. The basketball team does a midnight practice but this was going to be off-campus. I apologized to Professor Lucien (who is never on campus during the day) He said we needed the whole class plus him. (Did I tell you the class is small, only twelve students plus Professor Lucien?) He said we would do it next month when the moon was right. This class must be getting into astronomy too.

            Professor Lucien said something familiar; that we were all going to be making sacrifices. That sounds like what Coach always tells us!

            I better let you go! Gotta study!

            Your Son,



            March 10.

            Dear Mom and Dad:

            By now you heard about the mess with the football program. They fired Coach and disbanded the program and a lot of us transferred out. That is why this letter is coming to you from Keller College and not Argo State. Luckily my scholarship transferred too. I’ll have to redshirt next year, but I will be on the team my senior year! Go team!

            I’m doing okay in my classes here, and I have one souvenir. Professor Lucien just up and left, I guess they were investigating some of the professors too, so I still have one thing he gave me for the midnight field trip we never did. Cute little fella, I guess he was going to be the class mascot. I don’t know where the Professor went, so I have no way to send him anything, so I guess I have a pet now. They said his name is Nicky, and I’ll send you pictures. Like I said, he’s a cute little fella.

            I’ve never seen a black goat before!

            Your son,




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