“Riders of the Purple Sea,” Monday Flash Fics for May 8, 2017


                                  Riders of the Purple Sea

                                          By Jeff Baker


            “Wheeee! Look at me!” Snuffy said, balancing on the edge of the boat.

            “Hey, watch it or you’ll fall on the…okay, you did…” Scooter said said as Snuffy fell off the small purple rowboat onto the purple sand of the beach. Snuffy was laying there laughing by the purple water, staring at the birds soaring overhead.

            “Anybody would think you were drunk,” Skiffer said.

            “Hmmm…he may be,” Scooter said sniffing the purple water. “I think this is wine now.”

            “Hey, don’t look at me, it was grape soda last time I tried it,” Slinky said, sitting up on his beach towel. “Crazy place for a vacation.”

            “Well, we all voted for it, remember?” Scooter said. “Better than last year, remember?”

            “I remember,” Slinky said lying back on his towel shaking his head. “Soapy stuffed the ballot box with those cards that said ‘anyplace without snow.’ Spend my vacation in a desert motel playing pinochle again? No thanks!”  Several of the group laughed.

            “Well, I, for one, will be glad to get back to work,” Snooker said from his seat at the picnic table. “I mean, how long can you…hey!”

            The others in earshot had begun throwing things. Candy wrappers, pencils and paper cups. Lots of laughter all around when they finished.

            “Y’know, I kind of miss the old days, back when the kids wanted the easy stuff,” Snippy said. “Dolls. Hobbyhorses. Things like that.”

            “Hobbyhorse, geez!” Snooker said. “How long since any of us has made one of those? Me, I’m getting sick of building those drone things.”

            “You know what the Boss says,” Scooter said.

            “Yeah; ‘Whatever makes the kids happy, keeps us jolly.’” Snippy said.

            “I think the right jolly old elf has been wearing his jolly red hat too tight if you ask me,”

            “Guys, this is starting to sound like a labor meeting,” Stinky said. “Look, we’ve got a month of vacation left. Who wants to go surfing?”

            “Let’s sing!” Snuffy said. “Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…”

            The rest of them were looking for something to throw.



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2 Responses to “Riders of the Purple Sea,” Monday Flash Fics for May 8, 2017

  1. Helena Stone says:

    That made me smile so wide. Love it.

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