Something About Sharks–Monday Flash Fiction


                                 Something About Sharks

                                          By Jeff Baker

            “Grrr! I’m a shark!”

            “Yeah, right,” the man said.

            “Benny Hill would have made a more convincing shark,” the woman said.

            “Okay, what’s wrong with the way I do a shark?”

            “The legs throw it off a little,” the man said.

            “So do the arms,” the woman said.

            “Hey, the top half was all we could afford!”

            “You’re supposed to scare people,” the man said.

            “Not wearing that shark miniskirt he isn’t,” the woman said.

            “Maybe if I stay in the water, don’t get near the shore?”

            “Good idea,” the man said.

            “There he goes,” the woman said.

            “Trust me, people will come here to see this and pay money. Even knowing the shark is fake,” the man said. “There was always something about sharks.”

            “I hope so,” the woman said. “How long have the sharks been gone, anyway?”

            “The last one was spotted in the Pacific around 2217, I think,” the man said. “That was almost thirty years ago.”

            “Thirty years,” the woman said. “Look! He’s out by the buoy!”

            “Maybe an underwater drone with a big fin sticking out,” the man mused.



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