Monday Flash Fiction (On Wednesday)


Something for the Monday Flash Fiction page. A 500 word (or less) story to go with the picture.



By Jeff Baker


“Excuse me,” Kent said. “I think you dropped these.”

“Oh, thanks,” Danny said. “Hey, you want one?”

“No thanks, I don’t smoke.”

“Good. I keep trying to quit, but, but…” Danny shook his head and held up the script.  “Look, are you people sure about this? I mean this dialogue is really lame.”

“Yeah,” Kent said. “We’re really going to talk like this?”

“Yes you are,” said the man behind the podium.

“And we fall in love?” Danny asked.

“Madly,” the man said.

“When?” Kent asked.

“About twenty-six years from now,” the man said. “When you both are about twenty-five.”

“Will we live happily ever after?” Danny asked.

“For about thirty-two years,” the man said.

“Oh,” Kent said. “Is it the smoking?”

“I can’t say,” the man said. “That’s in another part of your script. You just get to preview a couple of pages. And anyway, it’s about time for you two to start your lives.”

“The birth canal thing?” Danny said, wrinkling his nose.

The man behind the podium nodded.

“Your lines will come naturally to you after your birth,” the man said. “And after you meet, you both will be on the same page.”

“Well,” Danny said, squeezing Kent’s hand. “I guess I’ll see you later.”

Kent grinned and squeezed back.

There was a brilliant white light…



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1 Response to Monday Flash Fiction (On Wednesday)

  1. Lila Leigh says:

    Great job! I loved the re-birth interpretation.

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