With Sherlock Holmes

Stumbled across the Amazon listing for issue # 8 of “Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine,” which includes my story “Hit One Out Of The Park” and displays my name on the cover! I knew I was in the issue but I wasn’t expecting it this soon! My contributor’s copies appeared in the mail today. Am pleased as all get-out! SHMM usually looks good (I’ve subscribed since issue #1, but seeing my name on the cover is a blast! Plus, it’s my first fiction in a print magazine! And I will be writing a full-blown essay on the writing of this historical (hysterical?) mystery for SleuthSayers. Now I’m going to sit and gawk at my cover!

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2 Responses to With Sherlock Holmes

  1. Lopresti@nas.com says:

    just read and enjoyed the story, Jeff. congrats. You are in good company, too. goulart, Floyd, Charles, etc.

  2. jeffbaker307 says:

    Yep! That I am! Glad you liked the story!

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