Wails Of August

August 8, 2012

Real surprise—I commented on someone else’s blog and found a link to this one that I didn’t think I had managed to post over a year ago!  Since then, I’ve slacked off on all the writing I’m supposed to be doing, but I managed to start up again a week or so ago and am trying to be reasonably regular with it (like, you know, daily!?!). For the record, I’ve just finished one story that I’d been piddling around on for a month or so and am starting one aimed at a theme anthology with a deadline of Sept. 30. I’ll try and keep any interested parties appraised of my progress here. I’ll also take advice from the great Henry Kuttner and not actually discuss the stories in progress in favor of actually writing them. And now, I can out with news: My mystery story “Hit One Out Of The Park” will be published in “Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine” issue #8, and I’ll have a corresponding column in SleuthSayers at that time giving all the gory details of creation, midwifery, ect. at around the same time. This will be my first short story for pay in a print magazine. (!!!) For the record, my first published mystery short-story for which I was renumerated is “The Problem of CellA307” in the online “Over My Dead Body” issue June 8, 2011.

So, that’s what results from being productive! Something I have to get to tonight, in fact!

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